Shutting down the clone site

Here are quick steps on how to terminate a clone site:

  1. Check if is on Cloudflare – IF IT IS – (report and they will kick it offline very fast) – IF IT ISN’T – proceed to step 2
  2. Make a text file and upload it on your site (do not link it anywhere, just upload to ftp, example –
  3. Visit that very same page on the clone site –
  4. Check server access log (or have your host do it for you) to find exact IP that is accessing /HELLO-DARLING.txt on your server
  5. BLOCK THAT IP FROM YOUR SERVER (or have your host do it)

You can send DMCAs to host and domain registrar, but I only recommend that if you’re dealing with a site clone that actually mimics your entire business (similar domain name as yours is). Most clones I’ve run into are using hacked domains and hosts from collapsed companies and such, totally unrelated to the business of the original web site.

So anyway, clone web site is now taken down, but negative impact it gave is still visible. I’ll try to cover that a bit more in the following post.

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